L i s a ' s  H e a d s   O r  N a i l s   S a l o n

                 237 W. Wilson Street Batavia, IL     630-761-0844 


Lisa's Heads or Nails Salon is happy to introduce skin care to our many salon services!  Emily is an Esthetician and Makeup Artist.  She will supply you with the best care and products for your skin type, by using Only Yourx Skin Care.  By performing an exclusive DermaPrint and consultation to understand exactly what corrections your skin needs, allowing her to customize your facial treatments!  Whether it be a Basic Facial, Moisture Boost or Pore Cleansing facial she will create a routine for your skin type. Banana Peel, Radiance Peel and Cellular Sweep treatments are also available for a deep, penetrating type of treatment for your skin type.
Makeup application is another skin care luxury.  Full face, eyeshadow and eyebrow fillings for daytime, evenings and special occasions.