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Skincare Services

Clinical Skin Analysis $15 (15 mins) -  Exclusive DermaPrinting and consultation to understand exactly what corrections your skin needs, allowing us to customize your facial treatment. As your skin changes, so will your treatments!

Express Facial $30 (30 mins) - New to facials or on the go? Try an express facial, your skin is cleansed, toned, lightly exfoliated, masked and moisturized!

Basic Facial $50 (45 mins) - Relax with our simple facial, customized for dry, oily or combination skin. Includes cleansing, toning, light exfoliation, massge, mask and moisturizer. 

Moisture Boost Treatment $80 (45 mins) - This treatment reverses the most depleting effects of dehydrated skin, congestion, rough texture, fine line & wrinkles. Intense moisturizing benefits will leave the skin supple and glowing!

Pore Cleansing Treatment $80 (45 mins) - Deep cleansing impurities, congestion & breakouts. Specialized techniques using emulsifiers, exfoliators and hydrators soften impactions allowing for easy removal. Leaves skin clear and fresh! 

Chemical Peel: Banana Peel $100 (1-1.5 hrs) - Resurfacing treatment, exfoliates many levels of the skin. Dissolves dead, dry surface cells while also stimulating cellular regeneration, refining & smoothing texture. Helps clear congestion!

Chemical Peel: Radiance Peel $100 (1-1.5 hrs) - Gentle Peel combines a retexturizing blend of papaya enzymes  lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth, moist and refined with an even skin tone. Brightens hyperpigmentation!

Chemical Peel: Cellular Sweep $100 (1-1.5 hrs) - Intense peel dramatically refines textures using a unique 2 part peeling process. Increases cell turnover, minimizes fine lines/wrinkles & helps control breakouts. Gives a vibrant, youthful appearance! 

Ultimate Add Ons $10 each or add them all for $25 - Pamper your eyes, lips & decollete with the ultimate treatment. These are the first areas we notice aging! Add on to any service to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and hydrate each area!

Makeup Application - Full face applications, eyeshadow applications & eyebrow fillings for daytime, evening and special occasions. Trial applications available, also willing to travel!  Contact for information on pricing!